Guitar Lessons

Skype & Live

With over 20 years of experience, Mckay Tebbs is a well-rounded instructor that is comfortable teaching a variety of styles and techniques. He is committed to his students’ success and has mentored them through career choices, prepared them for recitals, helped them attain performance opportunities and internships, written letters of recommendation, and helped them apply for college and grad school. Additionally, he has instructed them on a wide variety of guitar topics, such as: improvisation, tone, articulation, note-reading, playing with a slide, posture, right-hand picking technique, transcribing, and using recording software. Cumulatively, he has taught thousands of lessons to guitarists of all styles and levels and has experience teaching various college music classes including: music theory, aural skills, music business, recording technology and music appreciation. For more information, visit the CV page. 

Tebbs is available for both Skype lessons to students who live far away and in person live lessons to students in his region of Nebraska. For information about rates and to purchase lessons, visit the Store page.